Darunia Statue Production Pictures

DaruniaFirst 4 Figures, a company that makes video game figurines, has recently released some production photos of their Darunia statue. This piece is part of their Ocarina of Time collection of statues. This one, like many others from First 4, is just over a foot tall and is impeccably detailed and crafted.

The statue has already been on sale, with pre-order’s being based on the example statue on the left. After pre-orders finished, production began and finally, the statues will shipped out; these Darunia statues will be shipped in May.

The pictures show us some of the workers painting the near-completed statues. What strikes me about these pictures is that even though that the people working on them are highly specialized artists and craftsman, they are even more specialized to the point where a worker will only work on a specific part of the statue. The pictures below for instance show a woman working on the area of the statues in two different pictures, the other people shown are all working on something different.

Let us know what you think of these pictures in the comments! Click “Read More” to see the pictures.

Source: RipTen

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