Two days ago we posted a

short video featuring Darunia’s gameplay from the San Diego Comic-Con, but now we have him in all his grace thanks to IGN. The King of the Gorons is certainly a character most of us wants to play with in Hyrule Warriors, and here you’ll get the chance to finally see him in action.

One of the most remarkable things to point out is Darunia’s strength and control of the hammer. On top of that, he’s really fast when it comes to moving around the stage. We can also see that he works with

Link and Impa to help a Bombchu get to its destination and break a huge rock so they can enter the tunnels. After that, Sheik makes her first appearance to them, stating that their princess isn’t dead but somewhere to be found. Impa is surprised by this, and by Sheik’s appearance, mostly because she says her name comes from the Sheikah Tribe. At the end of the gameplay, Darunia manages to complete his mission and receives a treasure box. Although we can’t see its contents, we know there’s probably an item in there.

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