ocarina_of_time___7_sages_by_xjapanrox-d384oeu.jpgAs you can see to the left, Joe Hogan is quite the talented artist. Thus, this post serves a couple purposes. For starters it’s to show off this piece, as well as a few others after the jump (yup, more than one piece in one day!). It’s also to do a bit of advertising for Joe Hogan’s rather affordable art book, which includes a never before seen Majora’s Mask piece exclusive to the book, and not available online.

Joe Hogan is an artist who aspires to create work for the Star Wars universe in the form of comic strip drawings, among many other Star Wars related requests. He is a commission artist, meaning outside of what he produces for his own enjoyment he actually sells his services. He is indeed doing comic work already for some “official” Star Wars publications, so he’s sort of a big deal.

If you’re interested in purchasing his book, the cost is a mere 20$ USD. Of course, you’ll need to send an additional 5$ for shipping in the US, or 10$ for international shipping, bringing the total cost to either 25$ or 30$ depending on where you live. Wait, you want to see more before deciding to purchase? I don’t blame you.





The book doesn’t just feature Zelda art of course, as it covers a wide array of different topics and subject matter. So, you’re sort of interested in purchasing the book right? I’ll let Joe Hogan explain exactly how to do just that:

As for the book, payment is simple. Right now I’m only accepting paypal payments to JoeWTFHogan@gmail.com for pre-order. Each book is $20 USD, and shipping to the US costs $5, while international shipping will be $10. If possible, when payment is made, I would also appreciate they leave a note that it’s for the art book. I get payments for commissions all the time, so it’s ideal for my records that I know who is paying for what. What I definitely need from people that purchase are their full name and snail mail address, because paypal info isn’t always up to date. I’m also doing a promotion that with every pre-ordered sketch book (which just means paid for before July 1st), I am doing a free traditional sketch card of the customer’s choice to be sent out with the book. There’s no subject matter limitation to it, as long as it’s in good taste.

I assure you this is legit, and that you will indeed get what is promised. As it says above, if you order before July 1st you will receive a traditional sketch card of your choice. Feel free to talk to Joe or browse his Deviant Art page to find what characters he has available for the cards.

The book itself contains 34 pages of full color art filled goodness in a unique 7×9 format. There are a handful of a pieces that are only able to be seen in the book, and as I said for our interest one of those pieces relates directly to Majora’s Mask.

Earlier I mentioned that Joe Hogan would also be doing some stuff to stay connected with all of us, and as a special promotion for his book we will be giving away a full blown canvas picture of a scene in Skyward Sword, created specifically for our fans with a little added ZI flare. What is the image? How big of a canvas are we talking? All of these details to come at some point next month when we open the promotional contest.

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