The Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda is available now for purchase. See our coverage of its release here. This system is a mix of console, collectible, and clock that is a first for the Zelda franchise. For what reason are you most interested in the system – to “game”, or to “watch”? As a gaming system, or a collector’s item?

Containing three classic Zelda titles, this system is an easy and portable Zelda-bundle-on-the-go. With The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: Adventure of Link, and Link’s Awakening available all on one console, this system boasts some of the greatest entries to the series. The system’s small size makes it perfect for sliding in your pocket and taking it for a day out. It is an opportunity for fans to relive classic gaming experiences of iconic past games and retro style portability. Let’s not forget Vermin, the classic Game & Watch entry that now has a Zelda skin. This mini-game is perfect for little moments of downtime in your day for something simple to enjoy. All in all, there are some great gaming options available on this system.

The item is also a collectible that sits well as a clock on a shelf. Its practical use as a clock is a great addition to a gaming room. No more staying up too late playing games either, use the timer on this system to remind you to take a break! While this does tread into gaming territory, on its clock screen you can take control of Link and battle monsters just for fun. Beyond its practical use, the system is the first Zelda entry into the Game & Watch series and is a neat collectors item for fans of the franchise. With the games contained on the system being available in numerous other releases, perhaps the Game & Watch serves better as a watch than a game.

Are you interested in the Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda as an opportunity to play the games again, or as a collectors item used for display? Personally I lean towards collectors item, since I own these three games on about five different consoles already. I definitely want to play the original again on this system, but my main interest is for display. Let me know if you will pick this system up and how you plan to use it in the comments below!

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