With 30+ years of games and content, the Zelda series has had a plethora of interesting characters. Ranging from your average soldier or townsperson to the most evil villain imaginable, Zelda‘s characters tend to be pretty memorable. That being said, every franchise has a character that is hated from the very depths of the soul.

When thinking about which Tingle pokes your nerves, who first comes to mind? Navi’s incessant chattering about saving your game and which moblin has a bigger stick frustrates some, while Fi’s insistence that your batteries are low despite you just slapping a fresh pair in really rustle others’ jimmies. Did you steal Tingle’s magic words just to incite him? Perhaps the flame of your rage is stoked by Zant and his wild antics. Was Mido too mean to you? Or perhaps you’re like Link and have no desire to ever see Ganondorf’s smug face in Hyrule again.

Tell us Zelda fans! Which character in the series deserves your undying hatred?

Feature art by DYLZAL.

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