Imagine for a moment that you are just a simple Hyrulean from your favorite Zelda game. You might be a knight, training for upcoming battles. Perhaps you’re a traveling merchant, searching for new and exotic wares. Or you may just be your average, run of the mill Hylian, carving a life out for yourself. Whatever you might imagine yourself to be, what would your perfect day in Hyrule be like?

The setting for my perfect day in Hyrule would be during the era of Breath of the Wild. I realize that it’s a world that’s currently rebuilding, but I can’t imagine my Hylian self living in any other game; (well, maybe The Wind Waker)! I would be a Hateno villager and my days would be spent blissfully attending goats and bettering my cooking skills. I’d dream of a life of adventure and would one day set out to see the world. I would visit the coast then hike to Satori Mountain to catch a glimpse of its fabled Lord.

It’s fun to imagine what life would be like if you were inside a Zelda game! If you were a simple Hyrulean, what would your ideal day be like? Sound off in the comments below!

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