The New Year is almost upon us! A time of celebration, a time of reflection, and sometimes a wild night of running wild through Hyrule. Though celebrations may vary, many take this time to not just look back upon the year, but to also make resolutions about the future. Some might change a habit while others will set goals to achieve throughout the next three hundred and sixty-five days. But what if we weren’t the only ones?

Our favorite Zelda characters likely have many memories both good and bad they’d reflect on and I imagine they’d be just as eager to put forth their own resolutions. Darunia for example might want to eat a few less Rock Sirloins and get in some sweet dance lessons. Or perhaps Volvagia would like to not try to eat young Hylians in green tunics who wield ancient magical hammers. Who knows?

That’s where you guys come in! What do you think your favorite Zelda character’s New Years Resolutions would be? Sound off in the comments below!

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