Last week we published a list our least favorite Zelda songs, inciting some strong reactions from our readership. There were certainly tracks on the list that people took objection to, and some fans suggested songs that should have been included instead. Obviously our list in no way represents the entirety of the Zelda fanbase, so today we ask what piece from a Zelda soundtrack do you find weak, bad, or outright detestable.

Now, we’ve already laid out some characteristics that make for a poor Zelda tune. Perhaps a track was lazily composed, or maybe it fails to be all that memorable. Or, as I have advocated, maybe a certain piece — a well-composed one even — is not suited for the hardware it was written for, such as something on the Game Boy.

Additionally, there are even specific circumstances that can make a song hated that have little to do with how that song actually sounds. For example, many fans will express disdain for Twilight Princess‘ battle music, only because it can potentially diminish the pivotal “Midna’s Lament” scene. As Link rushes across Hyrule Field to save his feisty companion, the highly-praised piano tune, and thus the emotional weight of the moment, is often interrupted by a swell of inconsequential battle music.

These are but a few examples of reasons to hate a Zelda song. What are your least favorite tunes, and what about them rubs you the wrong way? Let us know in the comments!

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