I thought about this over and over again. What is my favorite Zelda speedrun to watch? Personally, I would have to say mine would be Ocarina of Time. I started getting into it when Clint Stevens was running it and ever since then I LOVED watching Ocarina of Time speedruns. But since he doesn’t anymore I have a few others I can watch if I need an Ocarina of Time fill. I love Ocarina of Time runs mainly because I enjoy seeing how broken the game can be at times.

Not only that, but they are a sight to see. I’d recommend watching a Ocarina of Time 100% run. Even though it’s almost a 5 hour run depending on the player, it would be the best time you spent watching any speedrun. What’s your favorite Zelda speedrun to watch? I am quite curious to know what many of you have to say about it. Leave your responses in the comments! We’ll be sure to read them!

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