Nintendo has a rich legacy, and the company has seen periods of tremendous success throughout its history. The company’s creativity has sparked countless innovations in hardware and software that have changed the gaming landscape. For example, games like Donkey Kong, Super Metroid, Super Mario 64, and Wii Sports have had a tremendous impact on how developers and fans understand video games. That being said, Nintendo’s history is also littered with wrong turns and frustrating decisions as well. Nintendo has notoriously been a few steps behind its competitors in crafting quality online experiences, and the company has made its share of business blunders (the Wii-U).

With this in mind, what are some frustrating aspects of being a Nintendo fan or what is a frustrating part of being in the Nintendo ecosystem?

Overall, one of my biggest frustrations with Nintendo is their approach to releasing the music or soundtracks from their games. Nintendo has not made a significant amount of their back catalog available for purchase digitally, and they have not made their soundtracks legally available on music streaming platforms. For example, David Wise’s incredible soundtrack for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is not available on CD, nor is it available for digital purchase. Additionally, the soundtracks for many older Nintendo games were only released on CDs that are extremely expensive today or hard to find (some soundtracks are released exclusively in Japan). While there are many excellent covers and rearrangements of different Nintendo songs, many fans would be happy to give their money to legally own some of the original soundtracks from across Nintendo’s long history. If the Tears of the Kingdom original soundtrack was made available for purchases or streaming a few weeks after the game’s release, I am confident many fans (including myself) would be interested.

What do you think? What is the most frustrating part of being a Nintendo fan or what is a frustrating part of being in the Nintendo ecosystem??

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