The Legend of Zelda has always been a series of experimentation. Every few years, the Zelda team decides to take the franchise in a bold new direction by implementing a new gameplay idea or innovating upon a past one. Whether it was fostering the series into 3D with Ocarina of Time, experimenting with motion controls with Skyward Sword, or offering a fully open world with Breath of the Wild, Zelda has always tried new things. But with all the gameplay directions in which the series has gone or could potentially go, there must be few that Zelda should never venture toward.

There are definitely a few obvious gameplay genres that the Zelda series would not be suited for at all — a Zelda first-person shooter is a particularly humorous example — but there are also quite a few genres that the franchise could conceivably explore. And Hyrule Warriors has already proven that vastly different gameplay choices could be applied to Zelda spin-off games. Despite all the opportunities to develop the series with further gameplay options, there have to be places the series should never go. I, for one, would like to nominate the tactical RPG and massively multiplayer online genres as avenues The Legend of Zelda should avoid, as they run the risk of straying from crucial elements that I identify with the series, such as the wonder of exploration and the isolation of the hero.

There could also be directions that the series have moved toward in the past that it never should again. For example, I personally believe that Zelda should stay away from the motion controls of Skyward Sword moving forward. I admire the developers for trying something new, but the gameplay conceits of motion controls never quite worked how I would have wanted it. There could easily be other gameplay choices made in past games that players now feel turned off by.

There’s an entire gaming world of genres Zelda could explore, but which gameplay direction should the series never approach? Are there any gameplay modes that The Legend of Zelda should never try again? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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