Many great theories, stories, and discussions have been had about Majora’s Mask since its release; and today, we’re here to talk about the Stone Tower. This dungeon is the fourth sequentially in Link’s journey through the land of Termina before fighting the game’s ultimate villain, Majora itself. Throughout Majora’s Mask, Link is often confronted with the dilemma of helping as many people as he can, despite knowing much of it is for naught. Every seventy-two hours, the moon will fall, obliterate the land, and Link is forced to use his powers over Time to reset the clock. This begs the question; What does Link learn throughout his journey? What does each dungeon represent in this adventure?

Since Stone Tower is the penultimate challenge of Majora’s Mask, I thought it’d be appropriate to discuss its themes and meaning. On his journey to the Tower, Link faces several enemies called Garo before eventually challenging the Master Garo and the Tower’s guardian Twinmold. As he makes his way, Link is also informed by the Master Garo about the Stone Tower’s secret; it must be flipped in order to reveal its truth. Upon completing his trials, he finds the true treasure locked away in this foreboding Tower… the Giant’s Mask. From there he must make a choice to fight Twinmold as himself, or utilize the magic of the masks to augment his power, just like Majora.

How does this affect Link? Does he regret his choices if he utilizes the mask? Or does he acknowledge his own strength and become more powerful by facing his enemies without the mask’s possibly corruptive power? Let me know what you guys think about these questions in the comments below.

Featured image by Badman44 on DeviantART.

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