Nintendo dropped the announcement today of the newest addition to the Nintendo Switch family, the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s a smaller, portable-only version of their current-gen system, and will be coming out September 20th. It features notable changes, like the replacement to a much more traditional D-Pad, irremovable Joy-Cons, and a lack of HD Rumble or IR Sensor. This has been rumored for quite some time now.

The general consensus for the new model is that if you already have a Switch, then you don’t need a Switch Lite. Some have said otherwise and that it’ll work best for either those who don’t have a Switch, or perhaps looking for one for their child. There are some positives as well, like a longer battery life and better portable capabilities. Plus it’s only $199.99 USD, $100 cheaper than the current Switch model.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Lite? Will you be getting your hands on one? If not, do you possibly know anybody who may want to get this? Let us know in the comments below!

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