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Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Zelda. Three enormously successful franchises with passionate fans and even bigger communities. What if… they were to merge? Now, I’m not saying the Soulsborne and Zelda should become one game, but what if the series were to incorporate elements from these hugely popular games into its already strong gameplay systems?

The Soulsborne series is most well known for its punishing, but extremely rewarding and satisfying gameplay. Usually, this runs counter to Nintendo’s mindset when it comes to designing Zelda games, however, this comes at the cost of many saying that the series is way too easy or simple in its mechanics. Soulsborne games also tend to be light on the story handed to you and rather force you to investigate and form conclusions on your own through small descriptions of items and interactions with characters. What if in a future title they continued to present an overarching story while including these little bits and pieces of lore scattered throughout your adventure?

What say you, Zelda fans? Could the series benefit from integrating some of the Soulsborne mechanics, systems and story into its own? Let us know in the comments below!

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