Animated opening sequences are prominent in many different JRPG video games. A way to excite the players for the story they’re about to play while foreshadowing important events to come, the opening sequences are often accompanied with catchy theme songs performed by Japanese performers or bands. For many JRPGs both obscure and popular such as the Trails of Cold Steel and Kingdom Hearts games, the quality of these animated openings has become something people look for, and the standards of animation and music continue to increase.

For most Nintendo games, animated opening sequences aren’t common despite how prevalent they are in other series. With both Nintendo and the Zelda series itself continuing to grow and expand, I have to wonder if having an animated opening sequence would be worth it. I don’t think a poppy J-pop song would match the tone of the series as a whole, so I think if they took a page out of the Tales‘s series book and provided exciting instrumentals to an animated opening sequence, that would make for a really great song to accompany the visuals. In addition, the Zelda series has unique artwork and styles spanning across all of the games, and having the art style of an animated opening sequence match the promotional and main artwork for future installments would help create memorable opening sequences that could be enjoyed. What do you think? Would you want the Zelda series to dabble in including animated opening sequences? Let us know in the comments!

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