I must say, I was rather surprised when there were certain weapons that had a higher DPS than the Master Sword itself for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

While there’s the option of increasing the sword’s power through the Trial of the Sword, I didn’t view it as that big of an improvement in DPS. I don’t necessarily believe it should be an all powerful sword, or just obliterate every other weapon, but I had imagined it to be a little more impressive. I certainly wouldn’t expect (nor really want) for it to be more powerful than the weapons the Lynel’s have, but a starting out standard of 30 seemed rather low, especially when there were many other weapons that had a higher DPS rate. (Even the Royal Broadsword had a slightly higher rate at 36)

While I do appreciate that the Trial of the Sword allows one to upgrade the Master Sword, I felt like for a Legendary weapon that they almost downplayed the importance of it. For example, one can complete the whole game and defeat Calamity Ganon without ever finding the sword. While it is nice that you can use other weapons to defeat Calamity Ganon to help challenge the players more, I felt that it kind of took away the importance of the Sword and how much of a role it normally plays.

For me personally, finding the Master Sword was one of the biggest highlights of all the games, and seeing it in action always thrilled me. For Breath of the Wild, I was sadly disappointed, and it just wasn’t as memorable I suppose as the previous ones. The DPS was a little disappointing, and I felt that perhaps they should have made it a little sturdier as well and not lose power as quickly either.

What do you think? Should the Master Sword have had a higher beginning DPS, or is it better the way it is in order to give the player the incentive to go through the Trial of the Sword?

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Savannah is an Original Content writer for Zelda informer. In her free time, she enjoys working on her first novel, and going over fan-theories for past Zelda games.


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  • Lifeoflink

    I believe that the Master Sword is actually well made for BotW. In a game where all weapons would have durability, the legendary Master Sword would have probably been the hardest weapon to program. They couldn’t make it truly unbreakable or else it would break the game, or they would have had to make it a much higher cost to obtain it. But make it too hard to receive it and it begins to lose its appeal.

    The Master Sword in the game is a pretty decent weapon. We can only truly compare it to other weapons of the same class, i.e. single-handed weapons. In BotW, it is only surpassed in damage by a handful of these weapons. Damage, while being the only data point given to us in the game, is not the most important detail. We must also consider durability and other effects. While the Master Sword’s default attack is decent, its base durability is higher than that of the Royal Broadsword. In fact, of the single-hand weapons the Master Sword’s base durability is only surpassed by the Scimitar of the Seven (Urbosa’s Sword), the Ancient Short Sword, and the Goddess Sword. Those other weapons, while nice, can all break. Getting these weapons or re-obtaining them can also be expensive. The Scimitar of the Seven and the Ancient Short Sword require several hard-to-find resources and the Goddess Sword you can only get from the SS Link amiibo.

    The Master Sword also has some unique abilities of its own. It is the only renewable weapon that regenerates itself. It also gets a huge boost in both attack and durability when facing enemies infused by Malice, such as Guardians or Calamity Ganon. Its attack jumps up to 60 and its durability increases to a stunning 188. No other weapon in the game has that high of a durability nor gets close to that. The attack is also only surpassed by a very small number of weapons. The Master Sword is also only weapon that can be improved upon.

    In the end, the transition from a more dormant form to a beacon of light was probably the focus of the Master Sword’s abilities and its use in the game. I also remember that in several other games, like OoT, you can get swords stronger than the Master Sword, so having other weapons stronger than the Master Sword is not all that unusual. The importance of the Master Sword is the symbol it is to Hyrule and the players.

    (Here is a great page I found while researching this subject: https://zelda.gamepedia.com/Weapons_in_Breath_of_the_Wild)

  • Lifeoflink

    On a final note, there is one thing I would like to clarify and that is that the damage that a weapon deals and DPS are two different things. The numbers used in this article do not refer to the DPS of the weapons in BotW, but rather the attack strength of said weapons, or the damage dealt in each blow. DPS stands for “damage per second”. To see if the values given in BotW are accurate, the timing between blows for each weapon would need to be taken into account in order to calculate DPS. A good example of this is Star Trek Online where the game tells you what the damage of the weapons is vs the weapons’ DPS. For instance, a heavy two-handed weapon may hit very hard, but take a while to swing, whereas a one-handed weapon may have a lower damage, but hit a lot faster. The one-handed weapon is more likely to have a higher DPS than its larger counterpart. This correction would be appreciated.

  • Qun Mang

    You might want to explain DPS. No matter how obvious a term is to you, it’s not obvious to everyone. While I am not a journalist, I notice that even the most well-known terms are generally written out once followed by the acronym (ex: miles per hour (mph) ) in a given article. Then you can be sure everyone knows what you’re talking about the rest of the article. Let me add that DPS is not an obvious term (at least to me) and looking it up it shows “damage per second” though I think for this game it might be “damage per swing.”

  • Darkstar

    I’m surprised that the Master sword wasn’t at level 75-80 (fully charged) as it is supposedly the most powerful single-handed weapon. 60 is okay, but other single-handed swords have attack up 65+. Also, that sword should never lose its power at all after heavy usage.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    I feel like its Sword Beam attack was extremely weak and underpowered. It should have had a wider range when you upgraded the Sword, and deal a lot more damage. It would also be nice for the the Master Sword to have a unique charged attack.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    I would just like to state that even if the Master Sword WAS unbreakabke, it’s not like it would ruin the game. At best it would make combat a little less interesting, in that you no longer have to change between weapons all the time. Something that was never in any Zelda game prior yet no one complained about (because it’s stupid).

    But there’s still the fun of exploration, solving puzzles, saving Hyrule, you know, what a Zelda game is supposed to be about.

  • Dylan

    Yeah what does it mean?!

  • Isaix

    Well the Biggoron Sword was stronger then the Master Sword in Ocarina except on Ganon,apparently the Master Sword is stronger on Ganon then then the Biggoron Sword,from what I hear,so it doesn’t bother me that much that the Master Sword is not the most powerful sword in the game,but it is a bit weird.The blade beam is where I have an issue with the Master Sword in Botw,it sucks,why not make it like the 2D games and Hyrule Warriors and just have it shoot beam with regular sword swings when at full hearts

  • S Kent

    I think it would have been better if they forced you to have to get it to access Ganon. If it is the Legendary Blade and the Legendary hero wields then it should be required to beat the game. If not then it really is not so important and magical as they say.

  • AC Atienza

    Usually it would mean damage per second after accounting for attack speed, but I do thing the author means damage per swing on this one, or is using per second loosely.

  • Yan Dawid

    Are you kidding? The sword already obliterates everything. Strap on the barbarian armour, do some quick spin attacks and any enemy is done in about 10 seconds, including guardians. Only exceptions are Lynels but, come on, they’re damage sponges.

  • 40 in base and 80 when awakened would be perfect. It would make it stronger then regular royal sword sleeping and weaker then two-handed weapons, thou it will have higher dps, because Link attacks faster

  • But then the game will loose its non-linear structure

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    It should also be the only sword not to ‘break’. It is insane that the ultimate sword stops working after a few hits.

  • I think that highlights how they went too far in the non-linear direction. even in real life there are some things which are ‘naturally’ ‘linear’ e.g. you actually do need a key to open your front door. You can’t just climb up the wall and in through the roof because you feel like being non linear. So some non-linear things should be mixed in to create a nicer balance

  • Vados

    No, the awakened Master Sword in DLC1 already completely breaks the game. 60 damage (480 when doing a sneak attack) and durability that lasts for multiple enemy camps (late game camps I might add) allows me to just throw away every weapon I have at that moment and play the game with only the master sword. It’s ridiculous how broken it is.

  • Vados

    There’s not really a reason for Link to get the Master Sword though. Ganon in BotW is not immortal, so he doesn’t need the Master Sword to seal him away. It’s just a holy blade that weakens its enemies enough, so that someone like Zelda or the sages can seal them away.

  • Vados

    People sure as hell complained about how dull Zelda combat was before. To this day people still hate TP because you just button mash your way to victory all the time. And having an unbreakable Master Sword would do the same for BotW. Why would anyone bother to make use of the cooking system, physics, night time or stealth system, when one flurry rush almost kills a black Bokoblin?
    It’s like playing Mario Bros with a constant fire flower.

  • Steve H

    You don’t use apostrophes for plural words.

  • pedrobrvs

    I partially agree with this.
    I’d be glad if this was the case, but Nintendo clearly intended for us to keep using other weapons even after we got the Master Sword, so what they did was more about balancing the game so it plays the way they intended.

    I think the solution for this would be if they re-balanced the game and looked for other ways to achieve the intended experience. Like, different incentives for using things that aren’t the master sword, rather than the Master Sword being inaccessible after a while.

  • Sam Sibilski

    I felt it was honestly fine. The master sword becomes very powerful when fighting Ganon and the guardians. They didn’t wanna make it the all around killing weapon

  • Sam Sibilski

    The beam is buffed when you upgrade to master sword. Sure it only does 20 damage still, but it doesn’t consume durribility

  • Joshua S

    I think that the damage is fine, but I wish that there was a way to make it regenerate durability without having to temporarily “break”. Maybe make completing the trial of the sword also give it durability regeneration while sheathed.

  • Sam Sibilski

    If they hate tp combat for that reason, they must realllyyy hate Wind Waker combat then too

  • Graeme Masciuch

    DPS is Damage Per Second. The Master Sword does all it damages at once, not over time.

    Saying “DPS” when you should be saying “damage” makes the author look uneducated in gaming mechanics.

    Also whoever wrote your guides needs to do a second pass and clean up the mediocre directions that permeate the guides on your site. Also the pictures aren’t good on those guides and do not show where to go clearly.

  • Graeme Masciuch

    I think the author misused the term and does does not understand that DPS only applies to damage over time.

  • Graeme Masciuch

    Yeah, it makes the author looks like they do not understand game mechanics.

  • Alexander Golmen Berg

    Haven’t tried the trials yet, aren’t they a bit hard to do early on in the game? How soon do you think the average gamer would be able to beat the trials in a new game?

  • Vados

    Well it depends on how well informed you are about them. If you go into the third part without doing a specific thing, you’ll get utterly destroyed by the last few final rooms. Generally speaking though in normal mode the trials are rather easy. In Master Mode it gets a lot more tricky, but it’s easier when you prepare yourself. I usually go in with 13 hearts, 5 additional stamina containers (I have two weels basically), some hearty dish that gives me a total of 30 hearts and a 30 minute L.3 stealth meal.

    I think the average player should be ready for the trials as soon as they get the Master Sword. They’ll likely fail at the end of the third part, but I don’t see many people failing here in normal mode. Master Mode is a different story. You have to know EVERYTHING about BotW’s combat system, otherwise hell awaits you.

  • Vados

    I dunno, Wind Waker fans LOVE that game so much to the point where they think the game is the best in the franchise due to how ”flawless” it is. Personally I liked TP’s combat way more, because it was at the very least quick and it felt good. Wind Waker makes you wait for parries all the time and enemies always land on their back, with no way of finishing them off.

  • Galeden

    Becuase then the “Throw” button would have 0 purpose when using it.

  • Galeden

    It known as”The blade of evils bane” and not “the best longsword ever forged” for a reason

  • Sam Sibilski

    It was either mash the b button on weak enemies, or wait for counter moves on tough ones. At least with twilight princess, you had all of those sword abilities like hell splitter, final blow, mortal draw, and jumpstrike

  • Justin Morris

    YES! It was so underwhelming to get the sword and it not be on par with other weapons. Or another alternative would be if it never broke. I don’t know, but it was pretty sad to have a crummy weapon that kept fixing itself (what use is that?).

  • Tripp Dinger

    Except watch the memories. They did exactly that. In the past Link slays a horde of mobiles with the Master Sword and only the Master Sword.

  • Lifeoflink

    When I do refer to the Master Sword “breaking” the game if it was to be unbreakable, I refer to that breaking one of BotW’s core game mechanics, getting a variety of weapons and switching between them when they no longer become usable.

  • Lifeoflink

    It’s range is increased depending on the number of hearts that you have in the game. Max them out near 30 and the beam can travel a good distance.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Then they obviously didn’t play TP, sure some of the common enemies like Bokolins were killed by swing around your sword, but others required strategy to effectly kill without getting hurt. My favorite battle is the one against the Dark Hammer I believe it’s called, you sure can’t button mash your way through that fight.

  • Vados

    Well that’s because those enemies die in one hit…unless you go the inefficient route instead of just using bomb arrows or the ball and chain.

    Looking at other enemies in TP though…

    Chus are killed by spamming the spin attack

    Bokoblins, Lizalfos Bulblins and King Bulblin are just button mashed to death

    Chilfos are either button mashed to death, or killed with one or two hits by bomb arrows and ball and chain.

    Deku Babas are just button mashed to death.

    Chu worms are pulled out of their bubble and then button mashed to death. (same goes for helmasaurs)

    Redead Knights are button mashed to death.

    Twilight Beasts are somewhat unique, because you have to let 2 of them live and finish them off with the charge attack…the other ones though are mashed to death.


    The only exception are some (mini)bosses of course and Dark Nuts.
    Especially when going through the cave of ordeals, you’ll notice how easy it is to just mash your way to victory.
    I still enjoyed the hidden skills and the overall feel of the combat though. Link’s range, movements, weight and sound effects during combat where amazing…unlike Wind Waker….

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    Not really. When you’re fighting important enemies it jumps to 60 damage, and you never have to worry about it breaking so that’s nice. If there’s one thing that disappointed me it’s that there’s no way for it to shoot a beam.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Ok I’ll start with the first part and just tell you why you’re wrong. With Chuchus you have to make sure they don’t merge together or else you have to keep cutting them down and dividing them or else they don’t die.

    King Bulblin packs such powerful hits that a few fits can take you down. He has no defense but his incredible offense makes his dangerous to approach head on.

    Demi Babas are some of the earliest enemies, but even they have to be stunned before they’re killed.

  • Malcolm Arless

    Uhh, yes you can shoot sword beams, just use the throw option while at full health. whenever the sword glows you can shoot beams at no cost to durability.

    It also does “break” when fighting important enemies, it just requires a lot more hits.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Ok I don’t have time to go through each enemy so I’ll just sum it up like this. Twilight Princess has a huge arsenal of different enemies with tons of variety between them. The game has some of the most interesting and unique mini bosses, whereas Breath of the Wild can’t come up with a unique boss between it’s five dungeons. Most of the fights in BotW consist of spamming Stasis and just mashing the attack button with whatever weapon you’re carrying, yet you’re saying it’s Twilight Princess that has stale combat?

  • Vados

    Oh yeah, because Chus are known for how ridiculously fast they merge…yeah no, B mashing them to death is the way to go.

    Incredible offense ? The dude has like 2 attacks, both of which have ridiculously long wind-ups. Whenever you do get through his defense (one shield bash is enough) you resort to mashing again.

    Deku Babas don’t need to be stunned at all. You hit them ones, they stop moving and then you hit them again to kill them. Weirdly enough they lose their hitbox during those two steps, so most people just button mash to kill them quicker.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Phantom Zant shows us the best use of Deku Babas. They aren’t meant to be a big opposing threat, just an obstacle that you have to quickly deal with before they grab and stun you. Either that or be careful to navigate around them. Especially during the part where we carry around the Sol.

  • Vados

    You can’t spam stasis though. As soon as black enemies are around, that strategy becomes incredibly useless and the cooldown is way too long, even against weak enemies.

    BotW’s combat is generally less stale because you have WAY more options to engage combat, whereas TP is literally just ”Walk up to enemy -> (maybe do something against the defense) -> spam B”. If you do that in BotW, you’ll die, because a lot of time the enemies have super armor, like the Iron Knuckles from OoT. On top of that, enemies actually deal a lot of damage and your shield isn’t this indestructible wall of invincibility like in TP.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Um you don’t need that long to use Stasis. Literally just quickly mash the attack button (which you like to do so much) and bam they’re stunned. So your arguement is pretty flawed off the bat.

  • Vados

    Still doesn’t change the fact that you mash to win against them though. Even as obstacles they suck, since they have VERY limited range.

  • Vados

    Lol keep telling that yourself. Just because you dislike BotW, you shouldn’t make up BS.

    You’re telling me that the most efficient way of combat in BotW is to awkwardly get close to an enemy (they are VERY RARELY ALONE), cast stasis which last for just a very short amount of time, get like 3 hits in (which I could do just fine without it) and then immediately use stasis again (which you can’t)? Get your head out of your butt, dude.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    They have a pretty decent range. Effective, but not annoying. And the red ones can even leave their stem if they’re cut.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Yes it’s pretty simple. After you get upgraded armor and 20+ hearts you’re just a walking tank. It’s easy to stun enemies up close and quickly bash them. That’s how you farm Lynels.

  • Vados

    You get more powerful after putting tons of hours into the game…who would’ve guessed.
    I mean yeah, TP is totally better in that regard…being overpowered right from the very beginning, in a game where enemies deal 1/4 hearts of damage.

    If that’s how you farm lynels, then sorry but you suck at it.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Yea because it’s just a cliche RPG game now, not a real Zelda game. Congrats you leveled up, here’s a new move, Stasis. Use it to stop the demon king from getting all 150 Pokémon or whatever.

  • Vados

    Leveling up is something you’ve done in literally every Zelda game…getting stronger weapons, stronger tunics etc.. BotW just improved upon all of that by making it more intricate.
    You think stasis is broken (which it isn’t) yet in MM you get the ability to abuse the hell out of an instant great spin attack, which obliterates absolutely everything in the game.

    It’s also part of the Zelda franchise and thus, a ”Real Zelda game”. Just because it stopped reusing the same old formula from 1991, doesn’t mean it’s not a Zelda game.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Vados used denial.

    It’s not very effective…

  • Vados

    Oh the irony…

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Haha but no serisouly. Breath of the Wild isn’t a real Zelda game. It’s like Triforce heroes where they just slapped the name on the cover and said done. Making the world detailed and intricate is fine, but if you’re going to throw out everything that defined the old games then it’s the new one is something else entirely.

  • Isaix

    They could easily come up with something else,Nintendo are smart

  • Qun Mang

    This was the first time I’ve ever encountered this term, and I only searched long enough to see what it stood for. I don’t know if you’re right, but damage per second does seem like an odd term to use to talk about the sword damage. Damage per swing seems more appropriate, but on the other hand different weapons have different swing speeds so- I don’t know.

  • Lord Sterben72

    The blade is not always required to defeat Ganon — look at the very first game itself. Here, Ganon has been weakened enough by the power of Zelda, so that the power of the Master Sword is not needed.

  • S Kent

    Yes sir I agree.

  • S Kent

    It would lose only very little of its’ non-linear structure.

  • Gaiden Tears

    I just had a great idea for the new DLC coming out this Year. Why not just adding one last Trial of the Master Sword called Hero mod difficulty. I was thinking adding it and the goal should be a good one. Unbreakable Master Sword with 100 of Attack damage. The last part of this trial should be 4 gold Lynel with four different weapon’s and a bunch of Octorocks just to piss you off while fighting the four Lynel. Plus, in this trial, you don’t earn any Ancient Arrow so you gotta have to deal with the Lynel without them. A trial that should normaly take 2 hours to finish.

  • Vados

    That’s not how it works. You don’t get to decide what’s a ”real” Zelda game and what isn’t. Nintendo does. It’s a Zelda game that features Zelda characters, the zelda world, the Zelda gameplay etc.. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s not a real Zelda game.
    The ingredients of a Zelda game are still there, it’s just cooked differently.

  • David García Abril

    Except that you don’t need to put tons of hours into BotW to be overpowered.

    You get to that point half-way through the game. At the latest.

    The armor and cooking systems are so broken that enemy damage becomes a non-issue very quickly.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    If I told everyone I wanted to set up a game of football, but did it by dribbling an orange ball around inside and threw it through hoops then it’s not football.

    Back in 1987 when the first Zelda game came out there was no solid formula, and that shows in its sequel, Adventure of Link. If the Zelda series had kept this trend going, of creating a very different style of game between each release, then maybe I would consider games like TFH and BotW to be real Zelda game since they don’t have a solid formula to stick to. But that’s not what happened. Instead they choose to go back and look at what made the first game great and they improved the formula in future games, solidifying it with the success of Ocarina of Time. And it’s only because of that solid formula that the Zelda series is as popular as it is today. So no BotW is not a real Zelda game.

  • Vados

    That’s a terrible analogy.

    Changing the formula doesn’t make it any less of a Zelda game. What, is Mario Galaxy not a Mario game, because it’s not like 64?

  • Vados

    Yeah, but that’s still like 20 hours of gameplay at that point. Compare that to previous game like TP where you’re overpowered right from the very beginning.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    I… never played Mario…

  • Francis Dufresne

    Well, the concept of the Master Sword in this game is to enforce the “Blade of Evil’s Bane” idea mentioned in other games. When it comes near Ganon’s Malice, it glows and doubles in power to be the strongest weapon in the game; yes, it is the strongest. It makes sense given the intended mechanics of the game that Nintendo would not want you to get the Master Sword then never use another weapon ever again.

    About it being the strongest, the three weapon classes have a different amount of hits per set, so a spear, broadsword, and claymore that have 20, 25, and 50 written strength all do 100 damage. Being a broadsword, the Master Sword’s 60 strength inflicts 240 damage at a time. The strongest unenhanced weapon I know of is the Savage Lynel Sword, with 58 (232). So there, even if the Master Sword isn’t amazing normally, it is literally the best possible weapon to use against Ganon. Not to mention that its durability skyrockets and is nearly unbreakable while aglow.