I must say, I was rather surprised when there were certain weapons that had a higher DPS than the Master Sword itself for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

While there’s the option of increasing the sword’s power through the Trial of the Sword, I didn’t view it as that big of an improvement in DPS. I don’t necessarily believe it should be an all powerful sword, or just obliterate every other weapon, but I had imagined it to be a little more impressive. I certainly wouldn’t expect (nor really want) for it to be more powerful than the weapons the Lynel’s have, but a starting out standard of 30 seemed rather low, especially when there were many other weapons that had a higher DPS rate. (Even the Royal Broadsword had a slightly higher rate at 36)

While I do appreciate that the Trial of the Sword allows one to upgrade the Master Sword, I felt like for a Legendary weapon that they almost downplayed the importance of it. For example, one can complete the whole game and defeat Calamity Ganon without ever finding the sword. While it is nice that you can use other weapons to defeat Calamity Ganon to help challenge the players more, I felt that it kind of took away the importance of the Sword and how much of a role it normally plays.

For me personally, finding the Master Sword was one of the biggest highlights of all the games, and seeing it in action always thrilled me. For Breath of the Wild, I was sadly disappointed, and it just wasn’t as memorable I suppose as the previous ones. The DPS was a little disappointing, and I felt that perhaps they should have made it a little sturdier as well and not lose power as quickly either.

What do you think? Should the Master Sword have had a higher beginning DPS, or is it better the way it is in order to give the player the incentive to go through the Trial of the Sword?

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