The Smash Bros. series has been putting out bangers for quite some time now, but the one game in the series that is most often compared is Melee. Since Super Smash Bros. Melee was released back in 2001, fans have constantly used it as the measuring bar when talking about new games in the series. Without a doubt, it was certainly the most competitive of them, with a loyal fanbase that continues to compete in it today.

That being said, Smash Ultimate has now entered the ring and seeks to show off its chops as not just a competitive Smash game, but also the biggest and baddest. As far as roster goes, Ultimate is clearly a winner with every character ever featured in a Smash game premiering, plus a few new buddies to duke it out with. Ultimate also takes everything done in the previous iteration and improves it, even if it’s only minor details. Combat feels fast, though still a bit slower than in Melee. While balance is something difficult to do in an inherently unbalanced game, Ultimate still feels like many characters could compete, even at a pro level.

Ultimately, we want to know what you guys think! Is Smash Ultimate better than Smash Melee? Let us know in the comments below!

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