Music is a huge part of the Zelda series and has been since its inception, but where does that leave us after a long slog through a dank, dark dungeon crawling with disembodied hands? As you slice and dice your way through endless hordes of skeletons, are you driven by a haunting melody or a passionate percussion?

Ascending Ganondorf’s tower for the first time in Ocarina of Time was a memorable experience for most, from the intricate design of the castle requiring you to use all you’ve learned and gathered in order to reach your goal to the varied enemies that constantly tried to put Link six feet under. As you ascended the final staircase, a sinister melody grew louder and louder until you happened upon Ganondorf himself… playing his own theme on a massive organ. Perhaps the exploration of the Arbiter’s Ground’s one ancient fidget spinner at a time, culminating in an epic duel with the undead dragon Stallord while hearing deep, resonant vocals and drum beats is more your flavor.

The Forest Temple’s whimsical yet mysterious beat captured my curiosity and wanderlust as a kid, which to this day I can never forget. What Zelda dungeon music has inspired or fascinated you? What do you remember as you heard that theme for the first time? Post your answers and discussion in the comments below!

Art by EternaLegend on DeviantART.

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