The Legend of Zelda series has always been about exploration. It’s about wandering through the unknown, excited in the knowledge that you’ll be fighting your way through Ganon’s hordes while solving a brain teaser or three. It’s pretty amazing Breath of the Wild has finally turned the traditional format on its ear.

A staple of the series has always been to complete “X” dungeons, find “Y” items, kill “Z” boss then rinse and repeat. Breath of the Wild doesn’t stray from the overall format but gives it a massive facelift to match its open-world gameplay. The Divine Beasts combine some of the ol’ Zelda dungeon crawling with aspects from Shadow of the Colossus, which I absolutely loved. The massive amounts of shrines present small chunks of puzzles and combat where you have to sometimes (literally) think outside of the box.

But where do YOU think these new additions to the lore fall under? Do you think the Beasts and Shrines compete with some of the more well-known dungeons in the series? Or are you happy there’s still no Water Temple? Let us know below with your thoughts!

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