Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Zelda 25th Anniversary Arcade Up For Auction on eBayThis. Is. So. Cool. I love it when Zelda fans take it into their own hands to celebrate the 25th anniversary for Legend of Zelda. For those of you who are extremely devoted, and just happen to have a couple hundred dollars just lying around, you might like this.

Ebay seller dave2k2 has built this bartop size arcade. So far the starting bid is at $399.99, and no bids have been made. If you’re curious, you should really check it out.

The system is a Retro Entertainment System NES clone. It top loads and its parts fit nicely in the small space. The reset and power switches have been integrated into the arcade machine. It will play 99% of all NES games. This system has been dismantled to fit in the box.

There is a 80mm fan as well to vent heat from the cabinet. Honestly, nothing inside gets all that hot, but it’s there and can easily be disconnected via the molex connector. The back features an access door with magnetic cabinet latch. The control panel uses two push latches so it can be removed if you ever want to swap buttons or service parts.

Here is a video that you can get to from the auction page. There is more information on measurements and what he used on the auction page as well.

This is still so cool. Makes me wanna build one myself.

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