Custom Twilight Princess GameCube

Custom TP GameCubeA custom Twilight Princess GameCube was created by zoki64. It is done very well with one half being a golden Link design and the other a silver Wolf Link design, and it has a nice matching controller. In the video the console is placed on a platform that is being rotated and it truly allows us to see its full glory.

Check out the console and video after the jump!

This is a fantastic looking custom console and looks like a console that Nintendo would sell, zoki64 should be proud of his creation and he has done a very good job in the design. I would love to own a custom GameCube like this and would buy it for sure if they had sold them in retail stores at the time.

What do you think, is this your favorite custom GameCube and does this video make you want one like this? Drop a comment sharing your thoughts.

Source: YouTube

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