Everyone knows Link’s Hyrule Warriors scarf is what’s “in” this season. Since the game’s release, variations of the scarf can be found for purchase online. These, of course, differ in length, material, and quality between sellers. For the fan that wants authenticity and accuracy in their scarves, some of these online versions may not cut it. However, if you have the time for a little bit of arts and crafts, a tutorial from instructables.com user Namisuke can help fans make their very own scarves to their liking.

The tutorial outlines exactly what you need for the project, all of which can be gathered from your local craft store. It features an instructional step-by-step video that explains how to make the scarf with the materials listed. It also offers alternate methods to replace the suggested hand-embroidering for those without the time, patience, supplies, or skill. The tutorial has instructions written out underneath the video so you can follow along, as well as diagrams for the cutting and sewing.

The good news is, if done properly, the scarf looks fantastic. Better yet, you would be able to custom make it, choosing the colors, size, and material for yourself. You could get creative with it and still be the coolest (and warmest) fan around. The bad news is the tutorial shows everything being hand-embroidered. Unless you have the skills to pull it off, even with the stencil that Namisuke suggests, it might not turn out as well as the one in the picture. It would also take a significant amount of time and patience to embroider everything from the crest to the fringe. However, if you have the time and patience and like making cool things with your own two hands, Namisuke’s tutorial is fairly clear and simple.

What do you think? Is it better to buy or make your own? Would you make it differently? Let us know!

Source: Instructables

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