Hey there guys, and for once I bring you a mailbag that does not focus on Breath of the Wild! This time around we have multiple questions surrounding The Wind Waker, its art-style, and the various art-styles of the series in general, as well as stuff surrounding the timeline and canon-status, and even several about characters returning in future games, among others! It’s a pretty varied one this time, which is nice to see! Be sure to keep the questions coming, and enjoy the mailbag!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:29) – Which do you like better: The Wind Waker, or The Wind Waker HD?
(02:50) – What Zelda game has your favorite art-style?
(04:14) – Is Breath of the Wild set in a post-convergeance era of the timeline?
(06:41) – Do Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and Tri Force Heroes deserve to be on the timeline, and why?
(07:55) – I’ve noticed that as more time passes many fans claim that they think Skyward Sword is one of the weaker games in the series now despite the game receiving a lot of praise by critics and fans at the time of it’s release. Now that almost 7 years have passed what are your thoughts on Skyward Sword? Do you still love it? Or has your opinion also changed?
(09:10) – Do you think there should be more female villains? Veran and Lady Maud are the only two, Twinrova and Cia don’t really count for me due to the former being servants of Ganon while Veran was doing her own thing, and Hyrule Warriors is non-canon.
(10:04) – What would you think of Nintendo releasing a Zelda game where you could design at least your own dungeons if not a whole game?
(10:43) – Would you like to see more familiar faces in the next Zelda title?
(11:35) – Would you want Fi to be in a future Zelda game?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to the mailbag email at mailbag@zeldadungeon.net for next week’s mailbag! You can also message me on my Twitter or Facebook, or use the Mailbag Thread on the forums!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Include them all with your question and you might guarantee it gets answered! How about your thoughts about the questions? Which Zelda game has your favorite art-style? Would you like to see more familiar faces in the next Zelda game? How about Fi specifically, or seeing more female villains or even a dungeon/game editor? Tell me your thoughts on these and any other questions you want in the comments!

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