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Hey there guys! Alright, we’ve got a fairly general mailbag this time. It might focus largely on prospects for future Zelda games and spinoff/crossover titles, but it’s got a pretty wide array of very different questions on those topics! We’ve also got some Breath of the Wild stuff, particularly how, of course, it might influence later games! It should be interesting to think about what will happen with the series from here on out! Enjoy!

Hey there guys! We’ve got a mostly Zelda music themed mailbag for Music Week, as we talk about Breath of the Wild’s unique soundtrack again. Outside of music, we do a fairly significant dive into another subject as well, that being the idea of a cycle of reincarnation and just general recurrence in the series!  Tell me all of your picks for most of these music questions, and I hope you enjoy the mailbag!

Hey there guys, we’ve got a just slightly different kind of mailbag this time; we have fewer questions but a few long answers. Tell me what you think about it, but either way they won’t all be like this! We talk a lot about Link, our beloved protagonist (or is he?) as well as a bit about the Four Swords games and multiplayer Zelda in general, along with Timeshift Stones and other Sheikah technology! Enjoy the mailbag!

Hey there guys, got your mailbag, and this week we’re talking a lot about Skyward Sword! In particular, we got multiple questions about a potential HD remake/re-release of the game, and for the rest… a bunch of my answers revolved around the game for some reason? Weird! We talk about other things though, including the fate of a some Links and the repercussions caused by some others! We even talk about Link and Zelda in general! Hope you enjoy!

Hey there guys, and for once I bring you a mailbag that does not focus on Breath of the Wild! This time around we have multiple questions surrounding The Wind Waker, its art-style, and the various art-styles of the series in general, as well as stuff surrounding the timeline and canon-status, and even several about characters returning in future games, among others! It’s a pretty varied one this time, which is nice to see! Be sure to keep the questions…

Hey there guys, mailbag time! This time around we’ve got Breath of the Wild on the brain still, but we’re focusing the conversation more towards how it might affect future Zelda games — what they should take away from it, how it might influence them, etc. — though we do some future-Zelda questions surrounding the Zelda mobile game as well, and even talk about Majora’s Mask 3D! We also had a special mailbag extra yesterday that you can view here….

Hey there guys, I’m here with your mailbag at its new/old scheduled time! This week we’re talking a lot about Breath of the Wild and future open-world Zelda games like it as well as Hyrule Warriors, since after all there’s been a new version announced! Some other topics came up, though, including two interesting questions about Ocarina of Time! I finally posted an explanation for my disappearance here if you’re curious. Anyways, enjoy the mailbag!

Hey there, guys. It’s been a long time, but I’ve finally got a new mailbag. This week we’ve got a surprising variety of questions, considering there are two major Zelda games I never talked about after they came out. But hey! We’ll focus on Breath of the Wild a bit in this video. I hope you guys enjoy it after all this time! And if you’re curious, explanations for my absence will be up soon here.