Curiosity ShopHey guys! Got a new mailbag, and as usual, about half of it is about Skyward Sword, but also half of it is about other things, so hopefully there’s enough variety for you. There are 12 questions in all! In the coming weeks, there will be a slight change of schedule with the mailbag, in that it will be up on YouTube a day earlier. On the main site, it will still be posted on Wednesdays, but probably much earlier in the day, like right at midnight or 1am. Just a heads up! Enjoy the mailbag!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:09) – Since we know what your favorite overworlds in the series are, how about your least favorite?
(00:44) – Will you be attending a Zelda symphony concert in LA or wait until it comes closer to you?
(01:19) – Is Link ever going to be left-handed again?
(02:11) – What did you think about “They” in Majora’s Mask, and do you think we’ll ever see them again?
(03:19) – What do you think the bosses will be like in Skyward Sword and do you think we’ll see another Gohma?
(04:28) – If Lord Ghirahim is part of a group, then do you think the members will be the bosses or will those still be strange creatures?
(05:24) – How difficult to you think it will be to play the lyre in Skyward Sword?
(06:06) – Isn’t it possible that Phi will sacrifice herself to become the Master Sword since she’s not in other games?
(07:00) – Since Skyward Sword has an increased emphasis on the shield, do you think we’ll see Like Likes return?
(07:10) – Do you think the area we see Link and Ghirahim fighting in during the trailer could be Skyloft, and if so do you think this is the final battle?
(07:59) – How many dungeons do you expect there to be in Skyward Sword?
(08:42) – We seem to get a higher expectation of what a Zelda game should be every time one comes out. At what point do our expectations become too high?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? What’s your least favorite overworld in the Zelda series? Will you be attending a Zelda concert? What did you think about “They” from Majora’s Mask and do you think it’s possible we’ll see them again? What do you think about the dungeons and bosses in Skyward Sword, or Ghirahim’s group? Do you think our expectations for the Zelda series have become too high? Tell me in the comments!

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