Curiosity ShopAlright, so part of the reason I missed the mailbag last week was actually because of the article I posted, which is actually the Dark Tribe one I’ve been talking about doing for a while. This details my theory on the subject pretty good, and I’ve actually avoided answering Dark Tribe questions too in-depth in the past so that I could save my theories for this article. Haha. The first four questions of this mailbag relate to the article, and there’s more details I can’t explain in the mailbag itself for a lack of time, so if you want more details you should read it. I will make effort to answer questions on the subject as best I can within the time I have. There’s also a bunch of other interesting Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword questions, including one about Ocarina of Time 3D having new content! There’s a total of 9 questions. So enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:37) – Do you think the villain of Skyward Sword could be the demon that possessed Ganondorf making him Ganon?
(01:46) – Why is it that several sources refer to Ganon as a demon when he has the Gerudo backstory?
(02:51) – Do you think the mysterious character in the trailer could be the Sheikah?
(03:53) – What do you think of the Shadow Temple? Could it be some kind of prison that Hylian souls haunt?
(05:19) – The Spiritual Stones were important to acquiring the Master Sword in Ocarina of Time, so do you think we will see them in Skyward Sword?
(06:05) – Do you think that there is going to be more character development in Skyward Sword than in the other games in the Zelda series?
(06:54) – Since the developers are adding new content to Ocarina of Time 3D, do you think they will add stuff they missed, or make it connect to an upcoming Majora’s Mask 3D better?
(08:15) – In your opinion, what are the chances that we’ll see gold editions of the Wii or 3DS?
(09:02) – Do you think it would be cool if Nintendo remade all the Zelda games to have the same graphics?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Do you think that Skyward Sword will have more character development than other Zelda games? Do you think the Spiritual Stones might appear? What kind of content do you think they are going to add to Ocarina of Time 3D? How about your opinion on Nintendo remaking all the Zelda games? Tell me in the comments!

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