Curiosity ShopAnother two weeks without a mailbag! I apologize! Got some (if not all) of the tech issues sorted out, so mailbags SHOULD go back to being a regular thing. Alright, so 9 questions this time. Going to cut down the length on the mailbag slightly, a little more to what it was before, not 11-12 minutes like it’s been. Enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:08) – How do you feel about a Four Swords game on the DS?
(00:57) – Would you support Skyward Sword having a “super guide” to help you through hard parts?
(02:21) – What would your reaction be if Retro Studios temporarily took over Zelda like they did with Metroid?
(03:47) – How do you feel about Ocarina of Time 3DS not being a release title, and how far apart from the 3DS release could it be?
(04:49) – Is there ANY backstory behind the ??? guy in the Stock Pot Inn at all?
(05:01) – Where did the hero’s outfit come from? Was it ever explained?
(06:37) – I always assumed it was Saria that Link was searching for in Majora’s Mask, but it was Navi? Who was he really searching for?
(07:47) – If Nintendo released a new anniversary disk with all the 2D Zelda games, how would you feel?
(09:00) – You’ve said you’d rather a steampunk Zelda over a futuristic one, but what if they made it like Final Fantasy and mixed fantasy with futuristic?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? And how about your opinions? Should they make another Four Swords game, on the DS in particular? And if so, should it be on its own or attached to another game? What about Skyward Sword being harder with a super guide? Or what if Retro Studios took over Zelda? What are your thoughts on having a steampunk or futuristic Zelda? Finally, what do you think of Ocarina of Time 3DS not being a release title?

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