Curiosity ShopAlright, guys. Been two weeks without a mailbag. Time to fix that, eh? Well the reason I didn’t have one last week is because of technical difficulties with my new camera. Now, as you can see, not all the bugs have been worked out yet, but it’s still much higher quality and much more awesome! Got 9 questions, so enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:31) – What do you think of Zelda games without Princess Zelda in them?
(01:49) – One of my favorite quests is the trading quest, and I’m disappointed that it hasn’t appeared since Ocarina of Time. Thoughts?
(02:58) – Vaati appears very differently in both The Minish Cap and Four Swords, but is it the same Vaati?
(04:32) – There’s always talk of wars in Hyrule but we never see them. How do you feel about a game in the middle of one?
(06:05) – What is your opinion on the backstory from the Majora’s Mask manga?
(07:26) – The DS games had an overhead view, but now that the 3DS can do a full 3D Zelda, will we never see the overhead view again?
(08:42) – In Ocarina of Time, behind the Deku Tree a Gossip Stone makes a reference to a Kokiri who left the forest. Is it Link?
(09:22) – When you talk to the Wind Tribe in The Minish Cap, they say they used to live in Hyrule. Could this be the plot of Skyward Sword?
(10:45) – In Ocarina of Time, you fight Dark Link in the Water Temple. But shouldn’t he have been in the Shadow Temple?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? How about your thoughts? What do you think of not having Zelda in the game? Do you like the trading sequences? Is it the same Vaati in every game? What about a Zelda game set in a war? What about the idea of the Wind Tribe’s migration being in Skyward Sword? Tell me in the comments!

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