Curiosity ShopAnother special mailbag for Majora’s Mask Month, all about… guess which game? Got 12 questions, of a nice variety (all concerning the game of course). Be sure to send me more Majora’s Mask questions to keep this month going. Enjoy!

Questions and Timestamps:

(00:23) – If somebody played the Song of Healing for you, what kind of Mask would you end up as?
(01:33) – How many times have you re-played Majora’s Mask?
(02:15) – What was your favorite side-storyline or side-quest in Majora’s Mask?
(03:35) – We know who the Goron and Zora you transform into are, but what about the Deku?
(04:28) – What other transformations would you have liked to see in Majora’s Mask?
(05:38) – What are the chances that the friend Link was searching for was Saria, not Navi?
(06:38) – If Termina is an opposite Hyrule, then why do you think there is no opposite hero?
(07:54) – How did the Happy Mask Salesman get his hands on Majora’s Mask in the first place?
(08:33) – I’ve heard there’s a Triforce in Stone Tower Temple, but where is it?
(09:19) – Do you think we will see Majora himself rather than his Wrath or Incarnation in future games?
(10:11) – Do you think the old tribe that used Majora’s Mask for hexing rituals could have been the Dark Tribe?
(10:37) – After the game, do you think that Link found Navi? If not, what happened to him?

Be sure to send your questions and name/username to for next week’s mailbag, and make them about Majora’s Mask!

Can you guess the music, the sound at the beginning, or the quote? And how about you? What kind of mask would you become? How many times have you played MM? What about your favorite sidequest, or a transformation you wanted? Tell me in the comments!

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