Curiosity ShopMailbag time guys! In #028 I’ve got 10 questions, a good mix as usual. Including such topics as whether or not Zelda would be a good series without Link, what role the Sheikah could play in Skyward Sword, specifics about the controls and game-play of Ocarina of Time 3D, and what villain might replace Ganon in Skyward Sword. Enjoy!

Questions and Timestamps:

(00:09) – How many bottles would you like to have in Skyward Sword?
(00:23) – If Link wasn’t in Zelda, would it still be good?
(01:36) – What do you think of being able to control other characters like in MM or TWW?
(03:00) – In reference to the last mailbag, the Sheikah did appear in TP. Do you think Nintendo will continue the trend of using the Sheikah in Skyward Sword or other games?
(04:48) – Do you think you’ll be able to skip cutscenes in Ocarina of Time 3D?
(05:48) – In OoT and MM, next to the save file there are some white numbers. What are they?
(06:34) – In TWW, Link’s Grandma says he’s the same age as the hero of legend. Does that mean OoT Link was 12?
(07:48) – How do the controls work in Skyward Sword?
(09:13) – Since I think that Ganondorf won’t appear in Skyward Sword, what kind of villain do you think we’ll see?
(11:35) – Do you think Epona should make a reappearance?

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Can you guess the sound, the quote, or the music? And what do you think about Link as the main character? Does he need to be in the game? Would you mind seeing him replaced, possibly with a customization element? How about having other playable characters besides Link, either as options at the beginning of the game or as partners? Tell me in the comments!

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