Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Curiosity ShopCuriosity Shop #22 for you guys! I got a few extra Phantom Hourglass questions, which was cool. Got some usual Skyward Sword ones in there too, of course. 12 questions in all. Also, notice this update is up on Wednesday for a change. That’s going to be standard for a while, so expect new mailbags on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays from now on.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:33) – What is the funniest moment in the Zelda series for you?
(01:29) – Do you think the Ocean King and the Wind Fish are related?
(02:11) – Do you think the three fairies in Phantom Hourglass are related to the Goddesses?
(03:12) – Do you think the backstory of A Link to the Past is talking about the Twili being sealed?
(05:10) – In Twilight Princess, why is Zelda the only member of the Royal Family but she isn’t the queen?
(05:57) – In Majora’s Mask, what kind of items or accomplishments do you lose going back in time?
(06:51) – Have you played Master Quest and beaten it? How hard did you think it was?
(07:57) – Did you like the endurance dungeons (Savage Labyrinth, Cave of Ordeals), and do you want them to become a tradition?
(08:50) – How can The Minish Cap be at the beginning of the timeline when the Master Sword/Picori Blade broke and became the Four Sword?
(09:33) – What happened to Link’s uncle in A Link to the Past? Did he die and Nintendo made a mistake at the end?
(10:11) – Do you think the land below Skyloft in Skyward Sword will have any people or towns?
(10:42) – Assuming The Minish Cap is first on the timeline, do you think Skyward Sword will link it to Ocarina of Time?

Be sure to send your questions to xx5terrorlord@earthlink.net for next week’s mailbag.

Can you guess the sound at the beginning, the music that plays, or the quote?

So what about you guys? What moment in the entire Zelda series was funniest to you? What did you think of the endurance dungeons, or the theory that the Twili were sealed in A Link to the Past’s backstory? Tell me in the comments!

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