Curiosity ShopHey there guys! Got another mailbag. I’ve gotten a message or two talking about the early mailbags and how they were funnier, so I tried to do my best to go back to that while still keeping things as straight to the point as possible. I hope you like it! Be sure to give me feedback!

The questions and their timestamps:
(00:11) – Have you played every Zelda game?
(00:45) – Why do people put down Phantom Hourglass? I like it more than Spirit Tracks
(02:29) – You’ve said only the Master Sword can kill Ganon, which isn’t true, only the Silver Arrows can kill Ganon. Your thoughts?
(04:00) – Since Skyward Sword is a prequel, I think we’ll see the Sheikah. What do you think?
(04:51) – Since you think Skyward Sword will be the origin of Hyrule, do you think it’ll be the origin of the races?
(06:01) – Do you think Skyward Sword will have Old Man, and if it has voice-acting will that end pronounciation confusion?
(07:28) – How can there be Bokoblins in Skyward Sword if Ganon created them in his own image?
(09:27) – Do you think something happens to Link for him to wind up in Skyloft? And do you think the Hylian Crest has anything to do with the game?
(10:12) – Do you think with Wii Motion Plus Skyward Sword will have an impact like Ocarina of Time?

Be sure to send your questions to for next week’s mailbag!

Have you guys played all the Zelda games? And how about our funny little Phantom Hourglass? Did you like Spirit Tracks better? Did you even like either? And of course Skyward Sword! Do YOU think it’ll be as big as Ocarina of Time? Tell me in the comments!

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