12 Hours Remain

My Body is Ready

Night of the Final Day. 12 Hours Remain. Yes, only 12 hours. Just 12 groups of 60 minutes. Just 720 minutes. Thats 720 groups of 60 seconds. Just 43200 seconds. Just… okay so we all know that it’s extremely close now.

So, Nintendo’s E3 2011 Press Conference. Are you ready? No, I said areee youuuuu reaaaady? I know that I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. Degeneration X and Spongebob slogans aside – it’s time for some Reggie, because it doesn’t matter if you’re ready. What really matters is whether your body is ready. My body is ready.

My Body is Ready for E3 2011

What is my body ready for:

  • My body is ready for extended periods of time without blinking because those who blink will miss awesomeness.
  • My body is ready for sleep deprivation due to the conference being at 2am, and excitement preventing sleep.
  • My body is ready for excessive excitement levels causing a higher heart rate, excited stomach butterflies and that weird excited bubble in the throat.
  • My body is ready to be incapable of doing anything that is not related to E3.
  • My body is ready for finger strain due to excessive typing of all of the news, and discussing all of the announcements online.
  • My body is ready for excessive use of the voice box in the “woooooooo” department.
  • My body is ready to hold in any urges to go to the toilet so that nothing is missed.
  • My body is ready to pay more attention and listen more intently than it ever has before.
  • My body is ready…

You see, E3 requires more than just being mentally prepared or excited. It requires your body to be ready. You’ve still got 12 hours, so please, make sure your body is ready. You won’t be wanting to miss any of this due to a simple lack of body preparation.

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