Dawn of a New Day

And now we come to the end of our countdown. We’ve gotten a little bit sidetracked from our Majora’s Mask style countdown by adding in some 8 and 4 Hour Remains markers – but it’s all good. We finish off our epic article javascript:void(0);countdown with this – Dawn of a New Day. Because that is exactly what E3 will be. Dawn of a new day, a new era for Nintendo, for gamers, for gaming and for the entertainment industry.

A New Day for software and a new day for hardware. A new day for Zelda and for Mario. For Pimkin and Kirby. There is now only two and a half hours until Nintendo’s press conference kicks off at 9am PDT (remembering ZI server time is US Central). We know that you’re struggling to keep it together in these last two and a bit hours, so we’ve got this for you. Everything you need to get your body ready, and a recap of our countdown for you to fill in the remaining time.

First things first – you need some music to enjoy and get you in the right mood- Majora’s Mask style.

Now that you’ve got the music playing (make sure it is if you haven’t got it going yet), we can make sure your body is ready. Here’s the rundown:

  • You can watch the official Nintendo live stream at e3.nintendo.com.
  • You can also stay tuned to our mainpage for all of the news minutes after it is announced and also a live blog of the conference as it happens.
  • You can also keep track of the news via our Facebook page.
  • You may prefer to keep your eyes on our dedicated E3 2011 Page (linked to in the header) which will be updated with the latest videos. It also lists all of the news down the left side of the page, and our exclusive site features on the right.

In others words – we’ve got you covered on everything from E3. Now, to fill in the next two and a half hours – here’s a recap of our countdown series for you to take a look at:

We know that when this is all said and done that this statement will hold true for anyone that calls themself a Nintendo fan:

Awesome Fate

So try to keep your excitement at bay and don’t let it make you do anything stupid. Now, even though our countdown has ended, E3 is where it all really starts. And following E3 we will be kicking off a new series called “The E3 Aftermath” with plenty of analyses, thoughts and heaps more. Stay tuned to ZI – your prime source for Nintendo at E3 2011!

This is all you’ll be hearing from us from now until E3 starts. It’s time for us to get our collective staff body ready, from our stations at home, and live from the Nintendo’s conference in the Nokia theater. Our representative Alex, was actually first to arrive, so will have an awesome front-row seat. He’s already spoken with Nintendo of America’s Assistant PR Manager David Young.

What I really love about this E3 is that even if Nintendo made no new surprise announcements, and stuck to what was confirmed to be at E3 – it would still be one hell of a show. Less than three hours remain.

I Believe in Reggie Fils-Aime

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