Many Zelda fans, and Cosplay artists dress up as their favourite characters. Because of this we’ve decided to do a weekly showcase of our favourite Zelda Cosplayers and their outfits! Some cosplayers may be featured multiple times, because of their diversity in Zelda character Cosplays.

To start off with, this week we have the awesome Hyrule Warriors Cosplay by Layze Michelle. She handmade the Princess Zelda costume from scratch, and absolutely rocks it. It’s very well made and is a great representation of the original characters dress. The details are amazing, and she appears to be such a creative lady!

You can see a few photos of this get-up in the mini gallery below!

Not only will we feature well known cosplayers, but we will also feature backyard cosplayers. So, if you love to dress up as Zelda, Link, Ganondorf or any Zelda character you love, post it on twitter and tag #ZIcostume for your chance to have your cosplay featured!

If you’d like to see more of Layze Michelle’s work you can find her here and on Facebook

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