Cosplay of the Week is back and sailing the seas with this week’s feature – Linebeck from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The cosplayer who masterfully brought Linebeck to life is xHee-Heex of DeviantArt.

xHee-Heex did a wonderful job portraying Captain Linebeck right down to the shading on his face. The costume and props are so well done you would think Linebeck was out pursuing treasure again. The costume, wig, and makeup was all done by xHee-Heex. The photos I chose for this feature will likely give you a good impression of her exceptional skills as cosplayer.

As far as comments go for her crossplay of Linebeck, xHee-Heex said this:

It seems every time I cosplay Linebeck I completely forget how I did my makeup the wear prior and end up with an entirely new style! I liked this run quite a bit, the shading was a little more natural but still showed up just fine. c: I had to scavenge through my closet for some appropriate boots to wear, too– my old Linebeck boots are now my Simon boots! But these were just pirate-y enough to work! And just for kicks I brought the stage props from my little brother’s Toon Link costume (I know that sword’s rough, man XD).

Since Linebeck’s so totally courageous and OH MY GOD THAT MONSTER’S BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT!!!

xHee-Heex has brought many other characters to life with the help and contribution of her fraternal twin sister, so be sure to check them out on her Deviantart and Facebook page. Their cosplays are definitely worth the look, and be sure to take a look at the pages of their respective photographers.

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Source: xHee-Heex

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