This week’s Cosplay feature is of the adorable Agitha, Princess of the Insect Kingdom (seen in Twilight Princess and Hyrule Warriors)! This sweet Cosplay was made and work by IckleCosplay, and this portrayal is perfection.

Ickle is based in the UK, and majority of her Cosplays are based on sweet, cute and adorable character types, and this one is definitely under that category. Check out the photos in the mini gallery below and you’ll see the detail put into this costume is so spot on. The pattern on the dress, the quality of the gloves, and the intricate detail of the wings on the butterflies.

I’m really enjoying seeing all the Cosplays from fans. Whether is be a professional Cosplay Artist, or just someone who dressed up because they love a character – they’re all amazing and the effort you see go into the designs is very inspiring.

You can find more of Ickle’s Cosplays on Facebook and on her CosplayIsland account, I know you’ll all love her Cosplays!

Don’t forget to tag us on Twitter with your own Zelda Cosplays (or other Fantastic Cosplays), and use the hashtag #ZIcostume. Let us know what you think of this Cosplay in the comment section below, and tell us what Cosplays you’d like to see featured here next week.

Source: IckleCosplay

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