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Fake Wii 2 Video

So a couple of days ago we posted what was said to be leaked developer conference footage of Project Café . We called it out as fake. Many of you guys believed us, and many of you thought the video was entirely plausible. Well, it turns out that it has now been confirmed as a fake. In fact, nothing more than a student video challenge to get the most video views. Full details inside.

A French website held a competition for students to create a piece of multimedia that could bring 5,000 views to the page. The link to the work of the two students who won leads directly to the YouTube video that we’ve all been talking about. It looks like the goal of the video never was to fool us (which it didn’t anyway), but to touch on a topic that will get people interested and get to that 5,000 views goal. They have actually got 619,832 views to date. Congratulations to you two students because you sure succeeded there. Our posting of the video got you plenty of views. They may not have fooled us to believe it, but they fooled us to all promote their video.

Source: Wii 2 Blog

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