Don’t have Wii Motion Plus? No problem. Prefer dual analog sticks to the Wiimote pointer? No problem either. Ever get stuck in a situation where there appears to be no cover, or the cover is just in a bad position to advance? That is taken care of as well. Conduit 2 is doing everything possible to prove quality FPS games can exist on the Wii. While a lot of 3rd parties come up with numerous excuses, the Conduit team just keeps on trucking. In an age where some third parties refuse to make games for the Wii because it’s “novelty wore out” or because “it’s not HD” and “forces motion controls” can kindly take a back seat.

Not only are motion controls not even required for this game, you don’t even need to use the Wii-mote, which is becoming a common trend in 3rd party successes. Even Nintendo has recognized the fact motion controls are not always best, offering many different play styles for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. What is even more impressive then the wide arrange of controls, is the fact this game has everything it needs to be a great FPS title.

How so you may ask? For starters, it has movable cover, thrilling cinematics, all the epic boss fights that you come to expect, and it supposedly fixed all the multiplayer issues from the first game, while providing new and exciting ways to play. The movable cover is possibly a first, where you are able to move tables, pop machines, and several other items into the exact position you want to provide cover. It has a smart AI that reacts to how your playing, and of course the bottom line is it’s just a lot of fun. Conduit 2 may be just what the doctored ordered. Oh, and did we mention they are listening to the fans? Usually that isn’t good, but in this case it may have actually created a much better game as a result.

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