Well-respected video game music arranger and composer Rozen is back with his latest album Shadows of Hyrule. This album is a dark fantasy interpretation of the Zelda series, featuring rich orchestration and an incredible choir. According to Rozen, Shadows of Hyrule explores “the legend of the fallen hero, who is brought back to banish the shadows dwelling within the realm of lost souls.”

Shadows of Hyrule includes fifteen tracks:

  • “Those Who Hold the Fate of the World in Their Hands”
  • “The Decline of Hyrule”
  • “Forlorn Hero”
  • “Sanctuary Dungeon”
  • “Fires of War”
  • “Forest Temple”
  • “Gerudo Valley”
  • “Light Spirit’s Elegy”
  • “Song of Storms and Flames
  • “Awaken the Dragon”
  • “Hyrule Castle”
  • “Serpent Dragon Dinraal: Aspect of Din, The Corrupted One
  • “The Divine Princess”
  • “Transcendence”
  • “Shadows of Hyrule (feat. Celica Soldream)”

During the listening party for Shadows of Hyrule, which occurred on the day before the album’s October 7th release, Rozen discussed his inspiration for the album and answered some questions about the album itself. Rozen reaffirmed that the album is a successor to his previous work, particularly Sins of Hyrule and Children of Termina, which the composer found very creatively satisfying. Rozen also revealed that he was inspired by the gothic, brooding fantasy music found in Elden Ring and other FromSoftware games. In the stream, the composer also dived deep into the original lore connected to the album. Shadows of Hyrule takes place in a ruined Hyrule in a timeline where the the legendary hero was defeated by Ganon.


For anyone who is interested in Rozen’s work, the question-and-answer section is a fascinating look into the creative processes and decisions required to create an album like Shadows of Hyrule.

Overall, this album is an ambitious and exciting project that sends Rozen to new heights as a composer. The lore behind the project is intriguing, and Rozen’s vision of a nightmarish and ruined Hyrule is a compelling hook for the brooding album. The orchestration for this album is incredible; a rich collection of sounds are utilized across the album’s fifteen tracks. Rozen’s uses of a choir is particularly noticeable and effective on this album. The choral elements give the album a sense of grandeur befitting the Zelda series’ epic subject matter. The choir conveys a variety of different tones depending on the song it is used in.

Shadows of Hyrule is available on a variety of music platforms including Bandcamp, 8Merch, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Music, and Deezer. The album is available digitally, and fans can preorder physical formats like the CD and Vinyl. These products are slated for release in 2023.

What do you think of Shadows of Hyrule by Rozen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Rozen

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