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Hey guys, I’d first like to say that the tentative date that was set for the layout will be not be reached. The layout was all but ready but after getting some critiques we are going to need some extra time to get the layout up and running. I think 2-3 weeks should be enough to get the layout ready to go. So a new ‘tentative’ date is now set at May 9th.

In some unfortunate community news, Zelda Dimension is no more. After an insider of their forums took it upon themselves to destroy the Zelda Dimension community a few weeks back, the forums went offline. Since then the site has gone unchanged for a few weeks and just the other day Henry & Alicia made their final announcement of the closure of Zelda Dimension. Dimension was always a very graphically enhanced site that had some of the nicest webmasters out there. This dedication led them to winning one of Exploding Deku Nut’s award for the most lively forum. They’ve been around for quite some time during some ups and downs, but they surely will be missed. Check out Zelda Dimension one last time to see their final message to the fans. Another one bites the dust.

Let’s shift gears to some more uplifting news. Our friends at have had a successful server change last night. Their site suffered from occasional downtime and slow load times, but with the server change, everything is back to perfect condition. Along with, their hostee, Exploding Deku Nut is also up and running as fast as ever. Feel free to check out their sites and drop a word in their respective forums congratulating them on their successful switch over.

There hasn’t been much going on in the Zelda Community the last few weeks. Many sites have gone weeks with an update, although there is some news available. As reported by our friends at Zelda Elements, the Legend of Zelda Manga, which is an illustrated comic that takes the reader through the adventure of several of the Zelda titles. It will be making its way over to the United States this coming August. There are Manga comics available for the Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, the Oracle Series, the Minish Cap, and a few more. Most of these are available to us English speaking people through translations, (Of which we will have these available shortly). Be sure to check out Zelda Elements for the full details.

Our friends over at Zelda Oracles have updated on some rare Zelda glassware that they found on the world of the internet and it is something that is worth a visit. Feel free to check them out as well.

That about does it for todays update. Expect more information on the Alliance, the Layout, and a special Forum announcement in the coming days.

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