Great show, guys!So during the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on a massive server upgrade for ZI (and its sister site, VGRC). As part of this upgrade, things like load times should hopefully be reduced, and I plan on making several updates to ZI’s functionality.

As many of you have pointed out to me, there have been comment wars involving people “stealing” each others names, as well as a whole slew of anonymous trolls and rabble-rousers. While I quite enjoy a bit of rabble-rousing myself, the current situation is getting downright unbearable.

I’ve been trying to work on a massive overhaul to our commenting system, and was hoping that the system we have in place would last another week or two. However, after reading several news posts this morning, that is apparently not the case. So until I can sit down and finish writing up a new comment system, comments will be disabled on Zelda Informer.

If you want to chat, go to the forums or something.

Update: As for the people who are hounding every news post whining about E3 rumors that never panned out, holy hell, do any of you have a life? “Rumors” are exactly that: Rumors. If you are taking blogs on the internet that seriously, you probably need to thoroughly re-examine your life. There’s an entire world outside of your parent’s basement that you are missing out on!

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