Breath of the Wild broke new ground for the franchise with its open world gameplay, and with open worlds come lore building. One of the greatest stands of the Hylian people came at Fort Hateno, and one of Zeltik’s lore videos on YouTube again serve as a visual and narrative reminder of one of Hyrule’s darkest days. The Miracle at Fort Hateno, as it is called, was the moment Link finally fell protecting Zelda and she finally awakened her powers, saving the people they were guiding in one powerful spell. It rendered the attacking force nearly immobile and the people were saved.

This lore tour is narrated extremely well and uses clips from the game to make its case. The series as a whole has plenty of moments like this, and this marks my favorite moment for the recurring namesake of our beloved franchise. Zelda giving Link’s Master Sword its true power in Skyward Sword was the previous holder for me, but Zelda’s last stand to save her people defies it all.

What did you think of this video? Do you have a favorite moment in Breath of the Wild? Let us know below!

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