Sorry for the lack of updates people, but trust me I have been at hard work behind the scenes. I’m working on obtaining a lot of new media and am currently writing new articles. Speaking of articles, I added part one of my new one titled, Classic Zelda…Where Art Thou. It explains of what Zelda used to be and what Zelda should be in a 3D game. Part two of this article will be released soon enough.

The Zelda 64 Project seemed to slow down a bit, but there have been a few new additions, like the creation of Link’s original model and a few other things.

I have yet to check my mail this week, so if anyone has submitted anything fan or mailbag related, I will post them all in my next update.

On another note, I have finally got back to work on my side project that was started over at ZC, my Zelda fan game. It has changed slightly since the last screens that were shown. Here’s the only detail I will release for now – RPG styled map with overhead view.

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