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Our inbox has been flooded recently with people inquiring why we haven’t posted anything about an ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating taken out by Nintendo on “Zelda Universe”. There are rumors going around that at this year’s E3 we’re going to see an announcement of a Zelda MMO – Massive Multiplayer Online Game. It’s both hilarious, and sad at the same time, to see so many reputable sites subscribing to these rumors and saying a Zelda MMO is coming.

In fact folks, this ESRB rating is old news. It’s been around for over a decade, but has just recently come to the community’s attention. The reason we haven’t posted anything about it, is because it is not for a new Zelda game. But we have to clarify it now, because of all the e-mails we’ve received about it. The answer is simple: Zelda Universe is Nintendo of America’s official Zelda website:, and that is what the rating is for.

The issue originates here at the ESRB site, where Nintendo has a rating of E (Everyone), on a product called “Zelda Universe”. It is said to have violent content, and it’s platform is online. That part is why people are thinking MMO, instead of website – generally because websites aren’t usually rated. In this instance it is for some reason that we don’t know.

The rating can be traced back to 2001, and it is possible to get ratings for simple online Flash-based games, so this may have been established as a part of Camp Hyrule. We can’t be sure of why, but we are sure that the rating is for the website and not a new game.

It’s a topic being discussed on our forums, and we’re not alone, for the guys over at GoNintendo have also been swamped with mail on what this is all about. Thankfully, they know that it’s just the website.

So sorry if you’re disappointed, but never get excited over rumors. Especially rumors like this that simply arise over a piece of misinformation. Besides, this is The Legend of Zelda – a MMO is less likely than Link having a gun and fighting creatures from Monster Hunter in outer space.

UPDATE: It appears that the rating was for a flash game on the website in 2001. People are claiming that the rating was taken out in 2008, but – like now – it just came to prominence in 2008 and started many rumors like it is today.

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