Majora’s Mask is a strange game in the Zelda series. Dark and foreboding, the game presents an ever-present sense of despair and sorrow as the moon looms over Clock Town. But despite the sadness present in the game, there are some surprising moments of wonder, joy, and beauty hidden throughout the strange world of Termina.

One moment of wonder involves Link entering the Astral Observatory. The Astral Observatory is a planetarium that Link enters through a series of tunnels below Clock Town. As the player makes their way up the stairs to this luminous and mysterious room, a curious and beautiful song kicks in, one that adds to the player’s sense of wonder.

This acoustic cover of the Astral Observatory theme by Sam Griffin (of the Super Guitar Bros.) beautifully captures the wonder of the planetarium. While the original version of the song from Majora’s Mask sounds quite different, with clear midi sounds, both versions create a peaceful and calming environment. It’s a simple song, but one that is perfect for relaxing to after a long day on the job or at school.

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