DeafGamer is a member of the Deaf community who also enjoys video games. It looks like he’s been busy with creating videos that show people how to make names for certain characters in sign language. In a recent video, DeafGamer created a list of Zelda characters, which range from Link to races like the Deku. Here is a list of how the names are created and what they convey:

Link – bravery with L, sword with L

Triforce – triangle, downside up and upside down

Zelda – legend in shape of z

Ganon – ugly, pig with G

Ganondorf – evil with G

Epona – horse with E

Dark Link – dark Link

Rauru – make moustache, sage

Saria – s, a, green, e

Darunia – flex, sage

Princess Ruto – make wave from arm, sage

Impa – protector, sage

Nabooru – long nose, sage

Sheik – ninja, two-faced

Hylian – make points on ears, people

Sheikah – circle around eye, people

Rito – bird, altitude with bird, people

Zora – make headtail, swim, people

Goron – rock, shell with G, people

Gerudo – woman, shape of scimitar, people

Talon – boss with T

Malon – make hair with M

Deku – Plant with P

This video is great, because it is allowing people to find a way to talk about video games in a way that may have seemed unlikely before this point in time. But, what do you guys think? Leave us a comment down below!

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