While Skyward Sword may be one of the more divisive games in the Legend of Zelda series, it still has some outstanding locations, music, and moments that just beg to be experienced.

One of the most breathtaking sights in the game is the barren Lanayru Sand Sea, a massive swirling wasteland of shifting sand that stretches as far as Link’s eyes can see. In his journey, Link must navigate the treacherous landscape with some assistance from newly reactivated robot boat captain (a.k.a. Skipper). It’s a story moment that is bizarre, yet also incredibly endearing as you help the skipper search for his lost ship (the skipper’s retreat even references Titanic‘s famous: “King of the World” scene).

This cover by heymagurany of “Skipper’s Retreat” is a wonderful rendition of a lesser known, yet excellent Zelda song. The moody rock organ that opens the song gives you the feeling of stepping out into the unknown, with the ominous tone providing suspense until the dramatic entry of the electric guitar. The main melody, played on the electric guitar, helps give you a feeling of adventure. Adding in a drum backing to complete the rock sound, the arrangement achieves an entirely distinct flair and sound. The rock instruments, including the organ, guitar, and drums, really help bring the song to life in a new way. This version of the tune really makes me curious as to what a Legend of Zelda game would feel like if it had a rock n roll soundtrack!

As a huge fan of Skyward Sword, this rockin’ cover makes me want to jump back into the Lanayru Sand Sea with my favorite robot skipper!

What do you think of this arrangement of Skipper’s Retreat? Let us know in the comments below!


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