The Loftwings were one of the biggest additions to the Zelda universe from 2011’s Skyward Sword. These enormous birds were companions for the residents of Skyloft, with the two most notable being Link’s and Zelda’s. Link’s bird is a legendary crimson Loftwing, a rare breed thought to be extinct. In contrast, Zelda’s Loftwing is a beautiful purple color, but is often presented as indigo, or as a mix of blue and purple, in concept and promotional art.

This water color speed paint video by Pan results in a beautiful recreation of Zelda’s purple Loftwing. The painting captures the Loftwing from the neck up, with a bright yellow beak. It’s a beautiful representation of the Loftwing, which serves as Zelda’s faithful companion. In addition to the speed painting, the song “Crimson Loftwing” is playing in the background, which completes the peaceful atmosphere of the video.

It is fascinating to see speed paintings, as they give viewers an insight into the process of creating a piece of art. This can help you better understand the time, effort, and patience required to create an impressive artwork. I love watching the different layers of color that are used to bring Zelda’s Loftwing to life!

What do you think of this watercolor speed paint? Let us know in the comments below!

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