If you have not checked out the manga adaptations of The Legend of Zelda yet, then you do not want to miss this legendary unboxing and brief history lesson! Zelda Dungeon’s own Mases Hagopian recently added the new Zelda Manga Legendary Edition Box Set, which released late last year, to his collection. So, he decided to take us through a tour of the set and even offer a brief history of the Zelda manga series in general.

The Zelda Manga Legendary Edition Box Set features re-released versions of all five completed manga stories by Akira Himekawa in a hardcover format. Great for collectors, the set also comes with a chest-shaped box that plays the iconic Zelda “Item Catch” theme.

Personally I love the manga adaptations of the Zelda series, and watching this Legendary Edition Box Set reveal was super cool. Mases’ Zelda manga collection is definitely a one-up on mine for sure. The manga series has been around for quite some time, so be sure to watch the video to hear all of the cool facts about the manga. There was a version of the manga that I didn’t even know about, so it was awesome to learn more about it.

Watching the unboxing has made me want to drop some rupees on this legendary set, even though I already own a few of the paperback versions of the manga. The box set is currently available right here for $125 USD.

What do you think about the Legendary Box Set of the Zelda manga? Do you own it or plan on getting it? Let us know in the comments below.

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